Neo4j Aura

We are new to Neo4j and wanted to try Neo4j Aura Cloud.
Have few questions regarding Neo4j Aura Cloud Graph platform.

With the basic plan : Memory 1GB 0.2 CPU 2GB

  1. Are there any limitations on the number of databases that we can create?

  2. How does auto scaling work in Neo4j Aura?


Greetings! We have been using neo4j aura for a number of clients. I don't think there are any specific limits on how many databases can be created. We have had as many as 10 active - the flexibility of being able to create instances very quickly for clients and only run and pay for them as long as they are needed is very useful. Scaling is a matter of adjusting the amount of memory the instance uses. We have used this to scale the graph when we need more memory for processing, or increased loads, and then have ramped the memory back down to save costs when loads are lower.

With the new tooling in neo4j desktop, its also really easy to move a graph from cloud to local.

We like the fact as well that Aura is a fully managed service, so is highly available and automatically backed up. For clients such as our environmental client, this is critical. The data stored in the environmental instance is collected through field work, and thus is mission critical. The database cannot be down when field teams are storing their data from the field data collection system...