Neo4j-admin server 4.1.3 import successful but no nodes

I installed neo4j 4.1.3 community server as I show below:
wget -O neo4j.tar.gz
tar xf neo4j.tar.gz

Everything runs fine and I am able to use neo4j-admin import to load data:

IMPORT DONE in 19s 518ms. 
  3181724 nodes
  17256038 relationships
  22981116 properties
Peak memory usage: 1.061GiB

However there seems to be no nodes in the database even though the data is actually loaded. I am not using a desktop version. I'm working in a terminal but able to access the browser at http://localhost:7474/
And in the browser, I can see some of the node labels.

I have not had much luck finding solutions to this issue, including suggestions at:, and still no luck.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!