Neo4j-admin restore

I am running neo4j 3.5.5 using the latest neo4j docker container.

I am trying to follow the instructions for restoring a backup from this page,

The instructions indicate that neo4j-admin restore should be used, but that commend doesn't seem to be available in the neo4j-admin version coming with the docker container.

bash-4.4# neo4j-admin help restore
Unknown command: restore. Available commands are: memrec import dump store-info load report check-consistency set-default-admin set-initial-password

usage: neo4j-admin help [<command>]

environment variables:
    NEO4J_CONF    Path to directory which contains neo4j.conf.
    NEO4J_DEBUG   Set to anything to enable debug output.
    NEO4J_HOME    Neo4j home directory.
    HEAP_SIZE     Set JVM maximum heap size during command execution.
                  Takes a number and a unit, for example 512m.

This help text, or help for the command specified in <command>.

What am I missing?


Hmm, this seems like a bug in how the classpath for the neo4j-admin tool gets constructed.. Can you share the command you use to launch the docker container?

Meanwhile, since restore only works when the database is stopped anyway, you can do this by stopping your container (assuming you've got your data directory in a volume) and running restore from docker, with the correct volumes mounted.

The following command works to launch restore for me:

docker run --env=NEO4J_ACCEPT_LICENSE_AGREEMENT=yes neo4j:3.5.5-enterprise neo4j-admin help restore

Hello Peter,

Is the docker image you are using Community Edition or Enterprise Edition? Backup/restore is only available in Enterprise Edition.