Neo4j-admin - no JVMs

When I'm trying to dump the database vie the neo4j-admin shell, after opening the shell it tells me:

Unable to find any JVMs matching version "1.8".
No Java runtime present, try --request to install.

After that it logs out again. The latest version of Java (I guess 221) is installed on my computer.

What's going wrong here?

Thank you, JJJ

The latest version of Java (I guess 221)

what does java -version report.
What version of Neo4j is installed?

Sorry, I just wanted to express that Java has been installed.

I have installed the latest version of neo4j Desktop 1.2.1.

Thank you,


so problem resolved?

No, unfortunately not.

Thanks for any recommendation what to try.


After having searched the internet I found that this seems to be a very common issue, but anyway I couldn't find a proper solution for the problem.

To be honest: it seems very strange to me that for saving the database I have to fiddle around with the terminal shell. There should be a function included in the Neo4j Desktop to export / backup a database to a certain location.


I hit this with the installer trying to run on my local machine:

:arrow_forward: ./bin/neo4j start
ERROR! Neo4j cannot be started using java version 1.8.0_241.

Which requires me to make an account with Oracle to download it... ugh.

Unable to find any JVMs matching version "11".

so, if this is the first step of the user experience, it's a really bad omen for things to come. I guess the installer isn't self contained and I'll need to go looking for a specific JVM version?

Seriously? You can't make a smooth install process?

Well, looks pretty nice instead.