Neo4j-admin import: How to avoid duplicate relationships?

I have a dataset for which I generated a set of node .csv files and a set relationship .csv files.
In my use-case, it may be that there are duplicate relationships.
Because the dataset is big, I am trying to avoid solutions where I have to MATCH the source and target nodes and then MERGE the relationship with them.

How can I go about efficiently creating the relationships using the neo4j-admin import tool?
I know it can ignore duplicate nodes, but how about ignoring duplicate relationships of a specific label?

I don't know however you can use "PERIODIC COMMIT"



Thanks for the reply, but I believe you must have posted in the wrong thread - that has nothing to do with my question.


Hi @mcbr,

Why is not the MATCH and MERGE stategy convincing you? How big is the dataset? So far I have never tried the neo4j-admin import but I got an import of 200M nodes and 200M relationships in ~50 minutes on Neo4jDesktop.