Neo4j-admin import different relationships type and properties

Hi everyone,
I am trying to import big csv files to create my graph, because of that I am using the "neo4j-admin-import" tool. According to the oficial INFO the common command is like

bin/neo4j-admin import --database=neo4j

I do not understand why the command allows to invoke several "nodes=" attribute but only one "relationships=" attribute.
How can import different relationhisps with differents properties??.
Using one relationship header file, limit the properties of the relationships to that header file. but What happened if I have to import differrent relationships with different set of properties.?

Example: Relationship1 -> [trid:int] -> TYPE: TRANSACTION
Relationship2 -> [createdAt:date] -> TYPE: PAYMENT_METHOD

Thanks for all

i am using version 4.2.5 and following command works on my side, maybe it helps you too, so i am able to create different relationships with different properties

neo4j-admin.bat import --nodes ../import/cdanew1/f1.csv --nodes ../import/cdanew1/f2.csv --nodes ../import/cdanew1/f3.csv --nodes ../import/cdanew1/f4.csv --relationships ../import/cdanew1/r1.csv --relationships ../import/cdanew1/r2.csv --relationships ../import/cdanew1/r3.csv --ignore-empty-strings --ignore-extra-columns --delimiter "|" --skip-duplicate-nodes

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I have tried a more simple command with two relationship attributes and it works!!.. so maybe my complex command has wrong-formed archives and because of that these files are not imported.
In any case thi was my fault so i will close the ticket.. thanks for all

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