Neo4j-admin import: Creating multiple nodes per line of CSV data


i am planing on importing a huge dataset consisting of CSV files into neo4j.
The data is formatted similar to the following example:

user, gender, company

The graph structure should consist of nodes with labels User, Gender or Company and should be connected like this:


I wanted to use the neo4j-admin import tool because of the performance advantage in comparison to LOAD CSV, but as far as I understand, the import tool only creates one node for for every node in a csv input file, which is not what I am aiming for. Furthermore it needs a seperate relationship table.

Is there a way to use the import tool with the CSV table above as it is or do i have to reformat the data before importing?

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You have 2 options here:

  • separate the header from the files
  • you can use the same file multiple times e.g. for several nodes or relationships
  • use different header files for each case with the irrelevant columns set to :IGNORE

please note that de-duplication of nodes is slow and expensive in the current implementation.
also relationships will not be de-duplicated if they appear multiple times