Neo4j-admin copy on windows


I've just moved to Neo4j 4 (using 4.0.2), and so was just trying to tidy up my database names. Looking at the docs I thought I would use the 'copy' command from neo4j-admin. I'm running on windows, so I don't know if its different on other platforms, but the admin tool doesn't seem to have the 'copy' command. Did I miss something, or is it not expected to be there?
I did a dump and load to get what I wanted done, but just thought I'd note that it doesn't look like copy is there.



Hello Matt,

This is for Enterprise Edition only.

To copy a database in 4.0, within the same instance, you do the following in cypher-shell or Neo4j Browser:

:use system
stop database

Then you do the following where the target database does not exist:

/usr/bin/neo4j-admin copy --from-database= --to-database=

Then, back in cypher-shell:

:use system
create database target;


Ah, ok. I was wondering if it could be an enterprise thing only. But reading the documentation I didn't see any note that copy was enterprise only. So are the docs not quite right then?