Neo4j 4.3.2 driver ServiceUnavailableException

Hi Neo4j Community, any one know how to debug this?

When trying to connect with my cluster database xx.xx.xx.xx, I got this error.
"org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.ServiceUnavailableException: Unable to connect to xx.xx.xx.xx:7687, ensure the database is running and that there is a working network connection to it.
at org.neo4j.driver.internal.util.Futures.blockingGet(
at org.neo4j.driver.internal.InternalSession.beginTransaction(
at org.neo4j.driver.internal.InternalSession.lambda$transaction$4(
at org.neo4j.driver.internal.retry.ExponentialBackoffRetryLogic.retry(
at org.neo4j.driver.internal.InternalSession.transaction(
at org.neo4j.driver.internal.InternalSession.writeTransaction(
at org.neo4j.driver.internal.InternalSession.writeTransaction(

  • neo4j version: 4.3.2
  • what kind of API / driver do you use: java driver

Can you connect with your web browser at http://xx.xx.xx.xx:7474 ?
Is the server running SSL/TLS?
How do you know the server is up?

yes, i can connect the web browser with the same ip addr, the server is set with dbms.ssl.policy.bolt.enabled=true