Neo4j 4.1 Released (June 23)

Hello everyone,

I'm sure you've seen it elsewhere but I wanted to make sure to cover it here too.

Neo4j 4.1 has been released on June 23rd.

It has a number of cool features and improvements, I'll share the relevant links below.

Our engineers recorded short videos about the different features

Some highlights:

I did a whirlwind session on Twitch (follow us there!)

We collected most of the links in the new "Neo4j Database" section of the developer guides.

You can download it via Neo4j Desktop, the Download Center with Docker and Kubernetes (k8s) and on the cloud marketplaces. Aura support will come soon.

If you want to dig more into the details, check out the release notes and detailed changelog.

PS: Sorry for the delay in posting here.