Neo4j 4.0 compatible with graphql plugin?

Does anyone know if the neo4j-graphql plugin works with v4.0 of neo4j? It looks like the latest branch of GitHub - neo4j-graphql/neo4j-graphql: GraphQL bindings for Neo4j, generates and runs Cypher is for v3.5.

Got a response from michael.neo on slack:

The plugin is considered end-of-life. It will not be updated for Neo4j 4.0, we recommend to move a middleware based solution using neo4j-graphql-js or neo4j-graphql-java. After a lot of feedback we think separating the GraphQL API from the core database is the better architectural setup. While it would be possible to upgrade it with quite a lot of work (lots of internal API changes in Neo4j) it's not where we want to move towards.

So that answers that!

It’s a bad idea for Neo4j to do that because the Neo4j-graphql-js being promoted does not have mutations and that’s a lot of refactoring to do for us developers who use Neo4j-graphql in the previous versions ... I think Neo4j was lazy on this one the graphql server in Kotlin coupled with Neo4j made Neo4j a pleasure to work with... now it’s becoming pain we love the two new features in v4.0 but they should have not dropped the graphql server it would have made it all the more pleasurable.... due to time our start up will not migrate to v4.0 we will still stick to Google Firebase for the real-time data base part of our App and use the graphql Neo4j in v3.5 for non reactive data ... we can’t start modifying All our resolvers because Neo4j felt a little lazy this time

Because of the lack of automatic mutation resolvers in the Neo4j-graphql-js version it is not the better architectural set up