Neo4j 3.5 vs 4.2 benchmark and differences (key changes)

Good day. Unfortunately, In the Internet and in Neo4j community I did not find information on what is the difference between the Neo4j 3.5.x and 4.2.x versions. In this case, by difference, I mean internal features and performance issues. The difference is obvious in the same version of using JDK or cypher syntax. However, is there a summary of the performance differences?

I read about it this month, apart the main facts that neo4j 4.x DBMS can now deal with multiple databases and the user rights management is now absolutely awesome, for my taste, there is a new performance engine for the queries but even in the cypher manuel 4.2 it's not always clear if it's better or not.

It's case by case, or I should say query by query according to your graph.
Of course, Neo4j try to improve their search engine but they are not saying loudly that the new one is the best for any case. It's even the opposite.

Thank's for answer. Anyway, this functionality is focused more on Enterprise. I would like to know about the advantages for the Community branch.