Neo semantics RDF

I am using neo4j 4.0.8 and neosemantics I am trying to export my graph as rdf.

I am able to get rdf result using GET API
:GET /rdf/neo4j/describe/find/SUPPLYCHAIN/type/Supply_Chain

But post API using POST /rdf/neo4j/cypher is giving an empty rdf.

:POST /rdf/neo4j/cypher
{ "cypher" : "MATCH path=(cust:Customer {contactName : 'Rita Müller'})-[p:PURCHASED]->(o:Order)-[or:ORDERS]->(pr:Product) RETURN path" , "format": "N-Triples" }

Getting only empty rdf during export
@prefix rdf: .
@prefix neovoc: neo4j://vocabulary# .
@prefix neoind: neo4j://individuals# .