Neo.ClientError.Schema.ConstraintValidation Failes too late


I just notice a weird behaviour with Cypher constraint validation using:

Neo4j Desktop 1.4.2
Neo4j Browser 4.2.5
Neo4j server 4.2.3 ( Entreprise )

O.S : Linux Mint 20.1 ( 64 Bits )
Hardware : MintBox Mini 2 Pro

The constraint validation is done at the end of the whole request instead of at the beginning for a request like this one:

CALL apoc.load.csv('file:///xxxx/client_id_geo_map.csv',{nullValues:['(not set)','']}) YIELD map
MERGE (l:Location {name: CASE coalesce(map.metro,, WHEN null THEN 'none' ELSE coalesce(map.metro,, END})
WITH l WHERE = 'none'

As soon as the first merge obviously doesn't fit the constraint the request should trigger an error and not waiting the whole thing to be done.

Here is the actual constraint who trigger the error:

Node(323639) with label Location must have the properties (customerID, date)