Ne4j in business - where I can use it. More ideas

Hi there!
I'm a big fan of graph databases. I am very happy with the dynamic development of Neo4j. I appreciate all the materials you publish on the Internet; blog, webinars etc. But I have impression the number of ideas where to use a graph database in business is very limited. We all know that products recommendation engines, how to detect frauds and search for relationships between people.

But which company really needs to analyze relationships between people? Facebook, youtube or linkedin? ...there are only just a few. Not all companies are banks so they do not need to analyze fraud. How else, realistically, I can use Neo4j in business? In medium and small business. Examples.
What else can I do with Neo4j what is not possible, hard or slower with relational databases.
We have for instance "Neo4j for Graph Data Science" but what can I do with it in the real world? I'm not talking about academical environment.
Would be great if you could do something do publish such examples.

Hi @Gosforth,

Imagination is the limit. Any data that is deeply interconnected is a perfect match for a graph database. It just turns out that ppl networks and recommendation engines are 'highlighted'. Facebook and Linkedin are not the only ones who can/should analyze networks, it can even be your employees. For example, an organization chart of a company, departments they are in charge of, etc. Clients? Supply chain? Marketing analysis? To name a few.

There are literally thousands of articles on the internet where people explain examples and different use cases. Maybe do a more dedicated search? :slight_smile: