N10s inferences union/intersections, complements

Hi all,
can someone point me to tutorials how to use
owl:Restriction, owl:unionOf, owl:someValuesFrom, owl:disjointWith ...

i appreciate already what the:subClassOf etc...

I would realy like to infer Classes elements based on their properties into Classes being intersections/unions etc.. of other classes


Hi Thomas, thanks for your interest.
n10s currently does not support inferencing on these owl constructs.
The plan is to include them asap in the set of owl constructs that the n10s.onto.import procedures imports but it's still unclear the type of inferences that we would use them for other than classification. Is that your use case?
Your input could be really useful to help us understanding useful ways of leveraging them.
Could you share how are you intending to use them? Is it for entity classification?



Hi Jesus,
the background of my question is about Enterprise Knowlege Graph Intelligence.
Constructing Classes by Intersections/Unions/Restrictions on Object- or Dataproperties will allow Users

a) to use their existing Ontologies
b) to avoid static / redundent Class definitions.

My first use case would be classification, the others are configuration management and completness calculations. E.g. a configuration might be defined "complete" if the complement of the union of not fully classified parts is empty.
The class of fully classified parts is the union of parts fully classified as X,Y,Z...
an indiviual is partially classified if it has some objects/data properties of the full class definition....
This is not fully thought through, but I hope you get the essence.