N10s and inference

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on getting a really cool project off the ground! Ontologies and graph databases are certainly the next big step.

I looked through the github repsository and I saw that you have made big progress on importing OWL 2 ontologies. However, I couldn't see that you are considering the new axiom types in the inference module. I saw the post where you mentioned that you plan to add them you the inference module, Could you maybe give some more insight on which direction you are planning to go in terms of inference? More precisely, do you plan to add inference for OWL 2 QL (or a fragment thereof) to n10s?

For example, we have an axiom such as "Every MyClass has at least one outgoing r-relation" and an object that is an instance of MyClass, but has no explicit r-relation in the data. It would be nice if a query such as

match (a)-[:r]->() return a

would return also those objects that have an implied r-relation that is not in the data. Furthermore, it would be great if such inference could also be done on path expressions.