My Neo4j Desktop is dead after update the

I was running happily along when I decided to upgrade to the newest version, 1.4.11 as prompted in the desktop app. I downloaded it, and it installed, but starting it does not open the app any longer. It just creates 3 processes that just sit there doing nothing.

I am able to use the neo4j console and connect to it using the browser. The console is the newest version, at least judged by the creation date given:

creationDate: 2022-01-02T03:59:04.215Z

When I look at the log files in my neo4j log directory in the root directory I find:

2022-01-02 03:43:29.370+0000 WARN [o.n.k.i.JvmChecker] You are using an unsupported version of the Java runtime. Please use Oracle(R) Java(TM) 11 or OpenJDK(TM) 11.

but that is exactly the version that I am using as reported by the tool itself in the log file. Please find the excerpt below. I found another log file (probably pertaining more to first run after the upgrade where it talks about importing the my database - In there I find a lot of error messages:

at Method) ~[?:?]
at ~[?:?]
at ~[?:?]
at ~[?:?]
at ~[?:?]
at ~[?:?]
at io.netty.buffer.PooledByteBuf.setBytes( ~[netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at io.netty.buffer.AbstractByteBuf.writeBytes( ~[netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at ~[netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at$ [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor$ [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at io.netty.util.internal.ThreadExecutorMap$ [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at [netty-all-4.1.65.Final.jar:4.1.65.Final]
at [?:?]

                        [ System diagnostics ]                             

                    [ System memory information ]                          

Total Physical memory: 127.7GiB
Free Physical memory: 109.6GiB
Committed virtual memory: 2.302GiB
Total swap space: 146.7GiB
Free swap space: 125.3GiB

                    [ JVM memory information ]                           

Free memory: 1.931GiB
Total memory: 1.996GiB
Max memory: 29.97GiB

Garbage Collector: G1 Young Generation: [G1 Eden Space, G1 Survivor Space, G1 Old Gen]
Garbage Collector: G1 Old Generation: [G1 Eden Space, G1 Survivor Space, G1 Old Gen

Memory Pool: CodeHeap 'non-nmethods' (Non-heap memory): committed=2.438MiB, used=1.186MiB, max=5.625MiB, threshold=0B

Memory Pool: Metaspace (Non-heap memory): committed=30.00MiB, used=29.12MiB, max=-1B, threshold=0B

Memory Pool: CodeHeap 'profiled nmethods' (Non-heap memory): committed=5.500MiB, used=5.473MiB, max=117.2MiB, threshold=0B

Memory Pool: Compressed Class Space (Non-heap memory): committed=3.574MiB, used=3.263MiB, max=1.000GiB, threshold=0B

Memory Pool: G1 Eden Space (Heap memory): committed=1.250GiB, used=44.00MiB, max=-1B, threshold=?

Memory Pool: G1 Old Gen (Heap memory): committed=756.0MiB, used=6.502MiB, max=29.97GiB, threshold=0B

Memory Pool: G1 Survivor Space (Heap memory): committed=8.000MiB, used=8.000MiB, max=-1B, threshold=?

Memory Pool: CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods' (Non-heap memory): committed=2.438MiB, used=1.475MiB, max=117.2MiB, threshold=0B

                [ Operating system information ]                        

Operating System: Windows 10; version: 10.0; arch: amd64; cpus: 12

Process id: 1180
Local timezone: America/Los_Angeles

                        [ JVM information ]                               

VM Name: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
VM Vendor: OpenLogic
VM Version: 11.0.11+9-adhoc..jdk11u
JIT compiler: HotSpot 64-Bit Tiered Compilers

VM Arguments: [-XX:+UseG1GC, -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow, -XX:+AlwaysPreTouch, -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions, -XX:+TrustFinalNonStaticFields, -XX:+DisableExplicitGC, -XX:MaxInlineLevel=15, -XX:-UseBiasedLocking, -Djdk.nio.maxCachedBufferSize=262144, -Dio.netty.tryReflectionSetAccessible=true, -Djdk.tls.ephemeralDHKeySize=2048, -Djdk.tls.rejectClientInitiatedRenegotiation=true, -XX:FlightRecorderOptions=stackdepth=256, -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions, -XX:+DebugNonSafepoints, -Dlog4j2.disable.jmx=true, -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8]

I deleted the .neodesktop folder and restarted. How I get a stack trace almost immediately:

[2022-01-03 13:04:26.419] [info] Starting Neo4j Desktop 1.4.11 @ Windows_NT 10.0.19044

[2022-01-03 13:04:26.476] [error] Protocol Manager error TypeError [ERR_INVALID_URL]: Invalid URL: --allow-file-access-from-files

at onParseError (internal/url.js:259:9)

at new URL (internal/url.js:335:5)

at t.default (C:\Users\peter\AppData\Local\Programs\Neo4j Desktop\resources\app.asar\dist\

at App.<anonymous> (C:\Users\peter\AppData\Local\Programs\Neo4j Desktop\resources\app.asar\dist\

at App.emit (events.js:315:20)

at App.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:467:12)

at App.emitter.emit (C:\Users\peter\AppData\Local\Programs\Neo4j Desktop\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@sentry\electron\dist\main\integrations\electron.js:63:25)