Multiple username ,passwords on startup

Hello neo4j-community,

We are currently managing the neo4j cluster (Enterprise version 3.5.14) through Kubernetes.

We have a situation where neo4j should be able to accept multiple usernames & passwords on startup Currently we are setting the initial username & password using neo4j.yaml where the username & password are passed to neo4j using env variables like this :

            value: "yes"
          - name: AUTH_ENABLED
            value: "true"
          - name: NEO4J_AUTH
            value: "neo4j/xyzsdaffqesaa"

Any suggestions/improvements to mitigate this problem are welcome.

Thank you.

please go through following article it talks about docker but would be helpful for you too.

what is believe you need to upgrade to higher version of Neo4j (3.5.6 or higher)

Setting the password doesn't appear to work