Multiple title rows returned for a single acted Movie node

I am going though cypher learning exercises.
I ran a below query and was expecting a single return row.

MATCH (p:Person)-[ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie)
WHERE = 'Tom Hanks' and m.title = 'That Thing You Do'
RETURN m.title

│"m.title" │
│"That Thing You Do"│
│"That Thing You Do"│

wherein below query brings single movie node only

MATCH (p:Person)-[ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie)
WHERE = 'Tom Hanks' and m.title = 'That Thing You Do'

is my expectation or understanding wrong? Can someone help me understand this behavior with some pointers?
Thanks in advance.


Try this:
RETURN distinct m.title

Thanks. That will work.
I am trying to understand the logic of at the first place why/how it brings 2 entries, wherein it should only bring 1 entry as we are matching for ACTED_IN relationship only.

Tom Hanks is the director of this movie and also acted in.

That's true, but I am matching only ACTED_IN relationship. Shouldn't this only bring one row by excluding DIRECTOR relationship? Please let me know how match and return works overall logically here, that will help clear my doubt.