Multi tenant - Shared Database on Neo4j

Hello everyone,

I am new to graph databases and trying to learn neo4j. I'm trying to implement a multi-tenant shared database model using graph databases. In relational databases I have achieved this goal by tenant_id column in every table.
I am aware that neo4j supports multi-tenant, but it's for separate databases, what options do I have to acheive shared database multi-tenant?

I've also looked for multi-label concept in graph databases but I am not sure will it work, Can someone please help me in this regards. Thanks

The only help I could provide you is the Cypher modification extension if you are using Neo4j-OGM/SDN (not SDN-RX).
Keep in mind that those things slow down your operations because it will fetch the Cypher "String", convert it to a Cypher statement, add the labels and serialize it back.

A proof of concept can be found here but it might not be complete.