Moving a graph from one Project to another

I started experimenting and working in Neo4j Desktop and before I realised it I had 10 local graphs.
Now I want to organise them a bit, I created some new Projects and want to move some graphs from one project to another.

What version(s) are the databases?

Are they all the same version?


Yes, they all are at 3.5.14

Do you use the same password for all of them?

One thing that you could do is physically copy the "graph.db" folders and their sub-folders to the same directory as the project. (of course the database must be stopped!) You would need to rename them so that each one has a unique name.

Another option would be to use neo4j-admin dump/load to dump each database to a file and then load it with a different name to the same location of the project that you want to hold the databases.


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I don't get the "physically copy the graph.db folders ......".
In "C:\Users[myUser].Neo4jDesktop" folder I have a folder called "projects" where in there I have other subfolders (the same number as my projects) but they are all empty.
Besides "projects" I also have "neo4jDatabases" folder where in there I have many other subfolders (the same number of all my graphs combined). My point is that these folders (projects vs graphs) are not connected in any way so I don't understand where you advice to copy things. It's not as the graphs data are in their respective project folder.
C:\Users[myUser].Neo4jDesktop\projects[project 1]
C:\Users[myUser].Neo4jDesktop\projects[project 2]
C:\Users[myUser].Neo4jDesktop\projects[project 3]
C:\Users[myUser].Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases[graph 1]
C:\Users[myUser].Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases[graph ...]
C:\Users[myUser].Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases[graph 25]

I will try and use dump/load option for now

Thanks Elaine! Just what I was wondering too.