Modify results in Repo after OGM

This is going to sound like a bit daft, but is there any way to do custom mapping in a Neo4jRepository after the OGM finishes its work? What I'm trying to achieve is to include a nodes "parent" uuid in a tree-like graph, but not actually include that parent in the mapped results. (A new requirement I hadn't anticipated, and a lot of repositories to affect.)

For instance, if I have (book)-[on]->(shelf), and someone requests the book, I want to return the book but also inject the shelf's uuid as a property on the returned book.

I came across some esoteric references to Neo4jTemplate, but couldn't find much even about that. I am just hoping to avoid rebuilding everything just to achieve this seemingly minor change. I hold little hope, but any hints are appreciated.

I guess another approach would be to build an extension function to decorate a given node before it gets back to the OGM.

I went with the latter approach, which works, except: is there any way to make the injected property transient in the returned node? When I set the property, the default transaction goes ahead and persists the change, which is not so desirable.

I don't think I can use projection or a virtual node, as the source node is deeply connected, and those connections need to be reflected so the OGM can map them. I suppose I could generate a virtual copy of the entire subgraph, but that seems like overkill simply to inject one property.

Any other way to achieve this?

You could also create a field in the Book class and add the @Transient annotation.
Do I understand this correct? You are adding the shelf id with your change and there was no reference before(?)