Modeling for Scheduling and Workflow Analysis in Manufacturing

We are looking to apply a Graph Database to help us understand bottlenecks, resource utilization, latency issues, and other time related issues related to the workflow in a manufacturing production line.

Google searches have not come up with too much:


Is anyone aware of related work?

I would expect the graph would minimally need to model:

  1. Resources (humans, tool bench (workstations)
  2. Operations (skills needed, duration, required sub-assemblies)
  3. Sub-assemblies (the materials or derivative outputs from each assembly task).

Is there more?

I'm very much on the same quest, but I too have not come up with much. More generally I'm looking to represent time series data in Neo4j. I've come across GraphAware TimeTree but I must admit to finding it difficult to construct something as simple as the inventory levels of the same item in two different warehouses over time.
TimeTree, as the name suggests, creates a time tree hierarchy. What I am struggling with is the relationships between warehouses, items, and inventory levels by day.
It seems logical to me to store the date and amount of inventory on the relationship, but I do not think TimeTree allows this. Of course I could store the date as a property, but then I would lose all the nice searching and sorting that TimeTree provides.

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Would something like this work (re: warehouse, inventory items, inventory levels by day)?