Modeling car crashes in a way we can prevent them in the future

Hello neo4j community,

I am a student in my third year of computer science, and I am working on a project which is basically an app that collects data about car carashes that happen daily in different places and times over the country. I am confused on how to model this whole system of (vehicules, victims, roads, when, where, why, ... and all the different data we can collect,) in a way that I can implement functionalities and demonstrate the power of neo4j. All I can think about is a CRUD app (MANAGEMENT), I need some ideas of medeling to implement some functionalites like preventing future crashes (by doing some cypher queries on our graph that we have modeled) and give an ALERT to the user (as an example).

I need a way to model the system to implement such things.

Thank you in advance!

You could consider something like the following. Beside tracking all info for a specific accident, It would also allow you to final all accidents occurring by road, vehicle, or driver, so you could look for patterns. Add properties to the relationships that are specific to the accident. Add properties to the Accident node that document the accident.