Mistake in Neosemantics(n10s) User Guide

I believe there is a mistake in Chapter 2: Installation [1].

The following command didn't work:
:GET http://localhost:7474/rdf/n10s/ping

But this did:
:GET http://localhost:7474/rdf/ping

-- Christophe

[1] https://neo4j.com/docs/labs/nsmntx/current/install/

Hm. @jesus_barrasa this may be a typo. What's the easiest way to submit suggested edits?


Hi @abk, PRs are welcome. The manual lives here:

Thanks for the heads up @christophe.debruyne !



I got lost tracking this down. Apparently @christophe.debruyne you've found an older manual. The newer manual is here Installing neosemantics - Neo4j Labs and has convenient "Edit this page" links.

We're missing redirects somewhere. Apologies for the confusion!