Missing "Create new DBMS from dump" - Yelp dataset

So I saw a new YouTube video on the Neo4j channel that talks about loading the Yelp dataset. It can be seen here:

Basically, you can download the .dump file. Drag it into the File(s) area, click the 3 dots and you are supposed to get a "Create new DBMS from dump" command. This happens at about 1:11 in the video and is shown here:

So I gave it a whirl on my machine and I do not get that command:


We appear to be using the save version of desktop (1.3.11) and my previous databases were at version 4.1.3. So aside from me using Windows and the instructor using a Mac, any ideas on how to enable this command?

Hi @FourMoBro

I've spoken to the Desktop team, and I've been informed that this functionality will be hopefully available in Windows in the next 1-2 months.