Missing apoc.date.parse when using Neo4j Desktop


I am trying to parse a date during an import but I am getting the There is no procedure with the name 'apoc.date.parse' registered for this database instance error message.

I have the apoc plugin installed on the database and looking at the list of procedures I can see that both apoc.date.expire and apoc.date.expireIn are listed but no other date.* procedures are available.

Is there something I need to configure to enable these procedures?

Hi @stuart.welham

I found the apoc.date.parse and it works.
My APOC version is

Thanks for the reply.

I still don't understand why but the procedures are now available for me after I completely exited the Neo4j Desktop app and opened it back up at a later point.

It seems simply restarting the DB server wasn't enough to get those procedures loaded for some reason.

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