Migrating from Neo4j 3.5 to 4.0

I made a short YouTube demonstration video showing upgrading a 3.5 community machine to Neo4j Community 4.0. I hope it's helpful and speeds the process for people adopting the new stuff!

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Thank you David,

I did the same upgrade from 3.5 enterprise edition to 4.4 enterprise edition, but it doesn't work and I get the following error :

Caused by: org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifecycleException: Component 'org.neo4j.dbms.database.DefaultSystemGraphInitializer@cdbe995' was successfully initialized, but failed to start. Please see the attached cause exception "Unsupported component state for 'multi-database': The sub-graph is unsupported because it is too old, this component cannot function".
        at org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport$LifecycleInstance.start(LifeSupport.java:463) ~[neo4j-common-4.4.4.jar:4.4.4]
        at org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport.start(LifeSupport.java:110) ~[neo4j-common-4.4.4.jar:4.4.4]
        at org.neo4j.graphdb.facade.DatabaseManagementServiceFactory.startDatabaseServer(DatabaseManagementServiceFactory.java:219) ~[neo4j-4.4.4.jar:4.4.4]

What do you think?

@ahmad.m it is not possible to upgrade directly from 3.5 -> 4.4.

Check the upgrade guide. I would first upgrade from 3.5 -> 4.0, and then follow the migration/upgrade path to go to 4.4. This is a pretty big leap in functionality spanning about 3 years of new products by Neo4j

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Thank you David, but I did the same from 3.5 to 4.5 and still I get errors "database is unavailable"

So, with apologies - I think I gave you the wrong advice above. A colleague reached out to me and pointed me to this resource, that I think you should give a try. It involves using neo4j-admin copy to go direct from 3.5 -> 4.4 (which I wasn't aware of).

Hope this helps as an alternative.

Thank you I appreciate your advice and follow up . will go with this direct way :)

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