Migrating from a local database to a remote database instance

I would like to find more information regarding how to migrate a local database to a remote database so I can collaboratively work on some prototype efforts. What information is needed to pass along to our IT folks to make this possible, as well as what do I need to do in order to move the project? TIA

To transfer databases it's easiest to create a dump from an offline db and then upload/import the dump on the server (or upload to Neo4j Aura in the cloud).

in Neo4j Desktop you can also create dumps in the UI (on windows only for recent versions of neo4j)

The second part of the question is what do I need to have our IT folks do in order to have a local server host the remote database? I'm not looking at a cloud implementation (not necessary for this case).

You several options:

  • docker
  • download binary
  • use package like rpm, debian on linux or homebrew on osx

for all see