Michael Simons - Software Engineer for Spring Data Neo4j and OGM at Neo4j

Hello everybody,

I'm Michael and I joined Neo4j in July 2018 working with @gerrit.meier on Spring Data Neo4j and the various OGM modules:

Left is Gerrit, me on the right.

I live with my family in Aachen, Germany. If i'm not in front a computer, i try to be a good father and husband. Discovering the world with two kids has some similarities on how i do my job: Always be curious, try out new things, sometimes break stuff to create. If theres time left, i spend it riding one of my bicycles.

I have been working with Java for more than 15 years now and have been an active Spring Community member since 10 years. I alway loved databases but I actually do come with a strong RDMBS background. I was announced Java Champion in 2018.

I'm very active on Twitter but still write a blog with various topics: info.michael-simons.eu.

To find my way around various topics, I created several short tips in the area of Spring Data Neo4j and OGM, find them here:


Currently I'm working on a project dubbed bootiful-music that should not only yprovide some guidance how SDN and OGM can be used in modern Spring Boot 2 based application but also to relate the RDBMS and Graph worlds.

To quote @michael.hunger: If you have any question around Neo4j I'm happy to answer in the appropriate category.
Not 1:1 as I want others to benefit from my answers.