Michael Ennis-Greetings from Jamaica

I have recently re-engaged myself with Software Development, mostly open source full stack stuff. I came across Neo4j in my research for a modern database and now I am an Evangelist. I am located in Jamaica and hoping to recruit enough souls to have our first local meet-up soon. The projects I am working on are all personal projects which I hope to take the market very soon.


Welcome to the forum Michael !

P.S. Jamaica ... tries to look innocent ... any project you need a Neo4j field team member for by any chance ?


Hi Tom....Thanks for reaching out. I am not sure what we need at this time, we are still learning Neo4j and its potential is not yet fully utilized in our current projects. I do however anticipate the need for assistance down the road so I will keep in touch...maybe bounce a question or two off you.


Connect2 LLC

I think Tom was more looking into a onsite engagement. I guess there are worse locations on earth than Jamaica ;-)


Lol....and we would welcome him anyday