Metrics Folder Growing Big

We have Neo4j server version 3.4.0 and Metrics folder grew to 14 GB. Please let us know how to compact or delete this and start fresh.



in terms of the conf/neo4j.conf parameters which control how large each file should be and number to keep

Those references are helpful for future and does not apply to the current situation of cleaning up of 14 GB space. I moved the .csv files to a different folder from metrics folder and that cleared up the space.

We'd also recommend you get off of 3.4.0, as that was released more than a year ago in May 2018. We're at 3.4.16 currently for the latest patch release on the 3.4.x line, so lots of bugs have been fixed since the initial minor release. In general we would recommend not sticking with .0 releases for very long, as the new features that come with the minor release tend to come with an initial way of new bugs.