Memory structure

Where can I find out what each file in folder graph.db does???

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Thank you very much for your answer, got a lot from your link, but I still have a problem, I insert a node locally, observe the file storage size changes, found that only a file (neostore.transaction.db.0) have change, when I send this file deletion, other documents also will be change, I how to understand this kind of image?

Why do you need to understand this? Do you do the same for other databases too?
Just curious.

The transaction file is the write ahead log it will grow with every operation added to a transaction.

After commit, the other store files will also be adapted (in memory) but only be flushed when required by the system.

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Thank you very much for your patience.The main reason I want to know this is because when I look at memory storage, I want to verify it, and I end up with the above problem

Ok, so your question is answered?

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Generally know, and I thought, but details is not clear, still have to continue to explore.