Memory Requirement?

May I know the RAM requirement for processing most of the traversal queries and run graph algorithms for 5 million nodes (9 labels) with 14million relationships (14 types), I have loaded the data from elastic, and data keep coming in like 10k per day


May I know your recommendation for server please,

I have to perform queries, for example shortest path, traversals, and run most of the graph algorithms, I would expect the response times as low as possible.


Have you tried Graph Database Sizing Calculator | Neo4j Hardware Sizing Calculator ?


Thanks @Thomas_Silkjaer

Hi @Thomas_Silkjaer

In my local, I have set heap to 4g for


I keep running into memory issue with 23k nodes and 61k relation, May I know why and how much required, I'm in windows with 16GB RAM,i7 4cores


  1. do you have created an index on: :PayTransactions(TrxId)?
  2. don't return those to the poor browser, those are potentially many paths, i.e. add a limit and add an upper limit to your shortest path too

Thanks @michael_hunger

@apremgeorge - for the algorithms, you can use the memrec procedure to estimate the memory you'll need to load the data and execute specific algorithms. See: Memory Estimation - Neo4j Graph Data Science