Max De Marzi

Hello, I am Max De Marzi. Neo4j user for 8 years, employed as a Field Engineer for about 6.

I blog about Neo4j at , keep tons of example code on maxdemarzi (Max De Marzi) · GitHub and have most of my presentations in Max De Marzi, Software field engineer at Relational ai | SlideShare .

My job is to help Enterprise companies build a "Proof of Concept" quickly. I usually get a few days to a week to make it happen. The weirder the use case the better, nothing gets my attention faster than a problem I haven't seen before. I'm also a sucker for neat data models, so share them if you got them. Feel free to reach out.


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One day, I am going to have to ask you about some of the weirdest use cases you've seen. lol