Matt Casters - Data Integration for fun and profit


So I'm one of the n00bs at Neo4j, I started in April of 2018. My claim-to-fame is being the founder of the Kettle open source data integration platform (also known as Pentaho Data Integration).
When I open sourced it in 2005 it was 160,000 rows of Java code. One million lines got added just to the core of the product since then by a whole community of cool people.

It's this Kettle community spirit I'm trying to nurture at Neo4j as well with the first result being a set of new cool Kettle steps allowing for easy and fast data ingestion into Neo4j.

The main purpose is to create cool Neo4j solutions for our customers and it's my task to come up with the proper architecture for that and so Neo4j gave me the title of "Chief Solutions Architect".

Talk to me at the next conference or ask me what you want to know here. The more feedback we get, the better our solutions are going to be!




Welcome Matt,

looking forward to a lot of ETL awesomeness, to make it easier for everyone to get data in and out of Neo4j. I hope you get a lot of questions and feedback for the Kettle integration, so that it can really rock.

That's incredible and super inspiring. :heart: