Matching Query Question using a Descending Order (Newbie)

Hi, I'm trying to get a descending order count for my nodes. sorry new to this if its a simple solution I apologise.

With the Entity as Stadiums I'm trying to list how many times each different stadium has been used in Descending order for example:
Anfield 54
Old Trafford 32
The Emirates 22

So in my property keys it has Entity as the top with Nodes listing all the stadiums, I need to run a query to get an output of how many there are.... if that makes sense, Thanks in advance :)


Hello @Tayla and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

Can you provide us a little dataset and the queries to create the graph?


Hi Many thanks :slight_smile:

So I am using an imported CSV files of the data setScreenshot 2021-04-30 at 10.42.18 . The data set has all been import successfully. This is just one of of the files With another file from the year after. I have setup relationships so all the teams link together so Charlton Club has all the information.

I have also created index -
CREATE INDEX FOR (fg:Outcome) ON (fg.HomeTeam);

To make it a more simpler question with the given scenario how do I list the amount of home teams so:
Charlton 43
Chelsea 23

Is that enough information to help?

Not really sorry :confused:

Give us the CSV file and and the CYPHER queries to load the data :slight_smile: