Mark Engelstad, Surgeon and Medical Knowledge Graph Developer

I'm a surgeon who uses graphs to model medical/ surgical knowledge.
I am developing an app that uses this knowledge -- along with surgeon/ doctor activity logs -- do build dashboards of information for surgical/ medical learners and teachers.


Welcome Mark! Enjoyed meeting you last year at GraphConnect and I remember all the great excitement over your work.

Would love to hear updates on your work as you progress!


Thanks Ryan,
I'm curious about the larger composite graphs that neo4j is creating (i forgot what this graph/ project is called but recall seeing it last year) -- and how to possibly seed it with the knowledge that I've created for surgery.

WOW another Doc !!! I feel less unique (in the good sense of the word. Felt like the last Dodo on earth) :slight_smile:

Hope to become proficient as you are. Currently struggling BADLY :slight_smile:

Take care. Cheers from Rome - Italy

You'll get there @rjalexa!

Hi Mark!
I realized that we haven't had you do a Neo4j Online Meetup yet! Would you be interested? :heart: