Mark and Amy's O'Reilly Book on Graph Algos in Spark + Neo4j is now out! And it's free!

Y'all probably know my colleague Mark from his excellent work curating the work of the Neo4j developer community in his newsletter "This Week in Neo4j." And you hopefully know Amy as this week's featured developer!

Well, we pre-announced their book about a month ago, but I wanted to make sure you know it's now out and available for download.

Get it for FREE today

Topics and Examples in Spark + Neo4j about:

  • Graph Theory and Concepts
  • Graph Platforms and Processing
  • Path Finding and Graph Search Algorithms
  • Centrality Algorithms
  • Community Detection Algorithms
  • Using Graph Algorithms to Enhance Machine Learning

We hope you enjoy!



And you can find the authors on the Neo4j Community Site! If you read the book and love it, let them know! :heart:
CC: @amy.hodler & @mark.needham