Mapping value in communities to automate reward : neo4j & SourceCred


This a cheerful signal of what we have recently developed @SourceCred. We're building an open source tool for communities that aims to measure & reward value creation.

  • we have recently released an export of any community's value map into Neo4j. A community with at least a github, discord or discourse can map the value flow between its contributors and now visualize it with neo4j.



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There is some upcoming & interesting releases with :

  • A // the version 2 of the algorithm. It will be more user friendly to understand the value flow. This will make easier for Tech-savy people to navigate & build on top of the tool.
  • B // some major online/crypto communities have been using SC to pay their contributors, facilitate governance work & foster their ecosystem. There is also some on-chain implementation work going on.
    If you want to explore, build or ask questions : the discord or the community call every Tuesday at 8pm (CET time) are very welcoming.
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ADMIN UPDATE // The SourceCred Community call is held on Wednesdays at 11am PST.