Mapping out the crypto VC landscape

Hey everyone, this has been something I've been working by myself for a while now. Crypto is growing at a break neck speed and Venture Capital has fully embrace the space.

I've been trying to map out the different investments made by top VC firms to get a better sense of what they're focusing in on.

I have done a bit of work using this sample database

Creating this beautiful map of the ecosystem -

But the full dataset costs 400 USD and it doesn't include things like social details for the projects.

So, I've been scrapping the data off here instead. This website provides much richer details with contact information.

Unfortunately, I'm doing this through the data miner chrome extension, which I haven't been able to figure out how to wrangle out the data in a format I can easily import into Neo4j, not to mention that the site is constantly being updated.

Anyways, just thought someone out there might be interested in the topic and would like to tackle the project with me!

08/25/21 - update - so I manually cleaned the data and uploaded to Aura...

It ended up being

and this is the hot mess I got out of Bloom...

probably would want to clean it up a bit...

Anyways, if you are interested in connecting to it and playing around with the visualisation, drop me an dm and I'll provide you with the Aura login :)

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How are you? Possible to share a little more on the goal of mapping out the crypto VC landscape?

Looking forward to your response.