Map projection bugged or not supported for virtual nodes?

Virtual nodes are great for producing result nodes for things like category counts etc. I was particularly happy discovering this feature when implementing a neo4j-graphql-js backend because it enables queries for various aggregations simply by adding a Query with a @cypher directive.
Unfortunately this fails because neo4j-graphql-js relies on map projections and it does not seem like map projections work for virtual nodes in neo4j.

The problem can be reproduced for the Movie dataset and e.g. the function:
call['Movie'], ['released']) yield node return node {.released}

This will produce a map with the property released = null
Removing the map projection shows that it works fine otherwise.

The expected behavior should be like the results you get with:
match (m:Movie) return m {.released}

An even simpler example is the following:
CALL apoc.create.vNode(['Label'], {key:'value'}) YIELD node return node {.key}

Any suggestions for solutions - or is this a bug / unsupported for virtual nodes?