Managing Digital Mockups with GraphDB neo4j

I did some google without success. I am trying to figure out which would be the best way to build a graphDB to handle a physical product structure (digital mockup).
I am sure there must be some literature already writen regarding this topic. Any help with existing references would be welcome.
I have concerns about the model itself. First point to solve is how to handle the position of the instance of the items: properties, nodes...
In case some of you find this topic interesting I could add more details on concepts and ideas that must be set up.

Hello @pblgmz !

Am I correct to understand that this is similar to a "Bill of Materials" data model? There are some large projects which, for example, model entire vehicles like planes or trains, or architectural designs for buildings in Neo4j. Is that similar to what you're considering?


ps. If a Bill of Materials is appropriate, you can take a look at things like:

Hello Andreas,
The idea is similar to a BoM but taking into account position of parts and assemblies.
I guess that modeling BoM with graphs would include the quantity of elements references on the drawing as property of the edge (which joints the part with the upper assy.
When modeling a DMU with Graphs space location information might be added on the edge.
Notice that from DMU Graph model is easy to move to a BoM Graph model just condensating multiedges with same source and target.

Once the DMU Graph is built, then you can relate other objects to 3D elements (with particular location at space). To do this probably a linegraph of the DMU Graph might be used.

Thank you for the references. I found them very useful. The BoM Graph approach is still very powerful, I am investigating to find if it would be possible to use machine learning to identify evolution of parts between two BoMs (or paths of evolution for part changes).

Pablo G

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