Malik / Co-founder & CTO of Zvook - A Podcast Marketing Platform

Hello community,

Thank you for letting me in. I've looked at some threads on this forum and it sure looks like my kind of place. Will try to contribute as much as I can.

About me
A polyvalent IT guy who recently stumbled upon this paradigm called "The GRAND Stack". The startup I'm currently building ( is using it to connect podcasters who want to monetise their content in a very naturally-sounding way and brands looking to reach out to extremely engaged audiences in a very authentic way. Graph databases to the rescue!

Reach out to me if you're into podcasts, want to get involved or just want to geek out about everything that revolves around using Neo4j at scale in production.



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@rvanbruggen take a look at this! :smiley:

Hallo, Rik. Hoe is 't?

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Cool, we love to get feedback from GRANDstack users. Welcome to the site.
And thanks for planning to help. :)

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