Making a Neo4J OGM Library with Typescript

Hi ~

I've been working on making a Neo4J Library for a couple of days now, pretty bold move knowing that I have little to no experience with Neo4J.

I'm learning on the go and its obvious that you can't make something good if you don't even know what to make. Its both an OGM and a query builder.

class TestNodeEntity extends BaseNodeEntity {
  username: string;

  age: number;

  somethingElse: unknown;

  notNodeProp: string;

const testNode = new TestNodeEntity();
testNode.username = 'ginkoe';
testNode.age = 609;
testNode.somethingElse = 'else';
testNode.notNodeProp = 'not a prop';


If you wanna take a look or if you're interested in helping you're welcome !