Magic incantation to move data to another drive

I've been working lately with huge graphs (~50GB) and hence, i would like to move them to another drive, where i have more space.
In Neo4j Desktop (Windows 10), under Settings, there is this nice option :slight_smile:
image does not do what it's supposed to do.

It does restart the program from time to time...randomly...
it does show this message ...randomly...
image does not actually move the data.

I mean, I tried while all db's where closed...left it for half an

Needless to say that i have tried to install neo4j on this another drive directly : nope - it installs in the same drive as the operating system.

So, i wonder, what would be the corrects procedure to actually move all data on another drive or install neo4j directly on another drive, so that i consumes that drive without having to move the data.