Luis Chavez - Data Strategist

hello, I'm Luis Chavez Olaya I work with data about 8 years ago, frequently in RDBMS and BI, I entered BigData a couple of years ago and I've been working with frameworks like Hadoop and Spark, I met Neo4j a few years ago and I've seen the potential to do thousands of things, but I have not had time to get deeply involved, but that's what I'm going to do.

At this moment I design data strategies and I am working on the development of skills for Data Science and engineering teams, graphs is an important tool in the stack.

I am self-taught and I still do not find many people near South America using Neo4j, I hope to learn and share my experiences with you.
in fact I have lots of ideas about working with graphs!

Thanks for creating this space


Welcome Luis! Great to have you here!! I know we've had some communities in Brazil, but definitely looking forward to seeing you and others in the community spreading Neo4j wider in the continent.

Hi Luis! Thanks for joining us! Where are you located?