Louvain specify resolution in GDS (as known from networkx)

In networkx community API — Community detection for NetworkX 2 documentation the resolution parameter allows specifying the size of the communities.
This parameter does not seem to be available in GDS. Am I overlooking it? If not, where/how is it called in GDS?

Looking at the source code for networkx (networkx.algorithms.community.louvain — NetworkX 3.1rc1.dev0 documentation) and the original paper they cite (Fast Unfolding of Communities in Large Networks) I'm not sure the resolution parameter is the same as specifying size of the communities; rather it appears to be a parameter than can be used to bias the algorithm to larger or smaller communities.

We don't currently offer a resolution parameter, although you can use includeIntermediateCommunities to retrieve higher resolution community membership (communities that were combined to get the final result). You can also modify the maxLevels parameter to control how many levels the graph is clustered into and then condensed.