Looking for someone with Neo4j and Rails experience for a very simple auditing contract

Victoria, BC, Canada but we work remotely

We're helping a company take an internal tool for meetings, use it for prototyping, then take the learnings forward into a consumer facing product.

This tool has changed hands a few times and due to some sloppy architecture choices we have a Rails v4 app with a Neo4j datastore that cannot support more than 50 users concurrently due to Neo4j timeouts.

We'd love to have someone come in and audit the code and infrastructure to help us find and fix troublesome queries so we can increase our concurrency limits.


  • experience with Neo4j
  • experience with Rails
  • A stomach for some less than pretty code.

Contact Information:
If your interested please send an email over to ben@shipwithus.io and we can find a time to chat!

Hi Ben, is this still on?